When you like cars but music is life

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Daily dose of automotive stuff #11

Welcome to the show that starts with "daily" but is only uploaded twice a week! (every thursday and sunday)

This series is inspired by @Daily Dose Of Internet and @lucaas

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Videos used (in order):

Renault Kangoo

Drifting infront of the police

Ferrari 360 Modena Gravel Rally

couldn't find the original source for the toyota clip ????

Battery Powered Miata

Rhino attacks car

700PS V8 BiTurbo VW Käfer/Beetle

Police officers in too much of a hurry

Nissan Skyline R32 rear wheel steering

Music used:

X I X X - pillow talk

Jeff Kaale - I'm Pwetty

Dark Cyberpunk Synthwave - The Beautiful Ones

glue70 - Casin

Outro Music:

Dj Quads - The Improv
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