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Hey everyone here is an alternate method for the gctf glitch hopefully you guys should not have a problem doing this glitch!

go to our sponsor criminalmodz, they are a very good legit site for ps4 modded money xbox and pc modded money plus lots of other things.

Our Second Channel LIFE'S A GAME -
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We have a Facebook group now

We now have an Instagram where we will be doing showcases of modded cars and will also be doing announcements on there so to stay up to date, go and follow us @lifesaglitch_uk

We have a crew that you can join, that has just hit 1000 members, which now means it's full so now sign up to our Second crew
We have a different Modded crew colour every week (This week it's Modded Neon Teal)
You can join us

We also have a community on PS4 where you can show off pictures of your modded cars or outfits, ask for help with a glitch or offer help or even if you just need to join someone in a different targeting mode.
Just search communities for LIFE'S A GLITCH YT

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