[V6?] Corona Race Meme - "Deja Vu" | Daily New Recoveries by Country

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A new corona race meme, this time on "Deja Vu". This time countries race for bragging rights of having the most recoveries! This was the most requested video subject. Once again, this video was inspired by Kori's corona race meme videos.

The information shown in this video is the growth of daily new recoveries by country (on a 3-day rolling average). Data was taken from the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 dataset.

**This race meme video was made for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to make fun of corona patients but to highlight and bring awareness to countries and governments with less than ideal responses in a dramatic bar chart race**

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MGIS Global Stats:

**Disclaimer: Some data has been interpolated for viewing purposes. Individual frames should not be assumed to be absolutely correct, please visit the cited resource for the most accurate, up-to-date information**

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Data Source: Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dataset

Background art: @visualdon –

Featuring: Clip from Sarah Cooper - "How to medical"
Music: "Deja Vu" by Dave Rodgers

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