User Review: A1 Cardone 49-129 Remanufactured Headlamp Motor

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- A1 Cardone 49-129 Remanufactured Headlamp Motor

A1 Cardone 49-129 Remanufactured Headlamp Motor

Headlight Assemblies - how to replace headlight assemblies 10-14 subaru outback.

kuka - hella headlight assembly line. here's how to replace the headlight assemblies on a 2011-2014 hyundai sonata more or less same procedure for other models as we did remove the front bumper for easy access to the headlight assembly bolts on the this is the removal of a headlight assembly on a 2000 f-150. remove both bulb sockets from the headlamp assembly.
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A1 Cardone 49-129 Remanufactured Headlamp Motor

Just the thing, perfect in every way, just plug and play, I wish every purchase would be as happy as this one, great service just two days after purchase took to be in my hands and I live in Panama so congrats.
This was exactly the part needed for the driver side headlight on my Vette. Install went smoothly with the exception of the wire colors.
They use different colored wires than the factory wire colors so when you install just pay attention to where the wires plug into the harness and where they plug into the headlights
Excellent product. Product as described. Appears very well remanufactured. After my service manual arrived, I could appreciate difficulty in DIY. Returned for refund without trouble.
Would definitely have used if access to car part was more straight forward. Thank you.
Fast shipping . Watched. I watched a you tube video and installed it in less than a hour . Faster than rebuilding mine .
Works great, not quite as nice as the AC Delco one, you can tell it is re-built
Installment went without a hitch and motor is functioning perfectly.
Bought this unit for our 2002 Corvette. This particular part fits on the drivers side. Form fit and function are identical to the OEM part with the exception of the wire colors.
There are three connectors, one for the supply and one for each headlight. Just take note of the number of keys on the connectors as you remove the headlight connections.
This will save you having to remove one of the headlights to confirm which is which. You will need a bristle set, philips screw driver, two 10 mm wrenches (one with a ratchet) some blue tape and a long skinny screwdriver.
Working in that space is very limited and anything you drop will disappear forever! I use the blue tape to tape the nuts into the wrench so they cannot get away when you are trying to reassemble the unit.
One of the nuts is very difficult to get to so I taped a wrench to a long skinny screw driver to get it started. If you have not done this before I would estimate it is about 2 to 3 hours if all goes well.
I've had this on my 2004 vette for about 5 months now with regular use. It works great and seems to hold up well.
Fit just fine. Works like a champ.
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