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My Thoughts on Dancing with the Cars and Unparalleled Parking Disney+ 2021 with Sneak Peek Speculation. Hey guys! I have some more exciting news to share. Cars is getting another short film on Disney Plus on top of Dancing with the CARS as part of Season 1 of the brand new Pixar Popcorn short films, called Unparalleled Parking. Recently, Disney released a video showing off new short films including the new Pixar Popcorn series and there is a sneak peek of the Cars shorts, Dancing with the Cars 2021 and Unparalleled Parking Cars 2021. This Disney Plus Cars short is going to feature Lightning McQueen and Sally as they drive to Flo's V8 Café and watch Flo and Ramone dance around the café. Sarge, Fillmore, Lizzie, and four yellow pitties watch. We also know that Mater will play the jukebox at Flo's and Luigi and Guido will do some dancing as well. In Unparalleled Parking, Lightning McQueen attempts to parallel park in between some cones at the Cozy Cone Motel. Sheriff and Red will help McQueen pull it off. Miss Fritter will be there as well attempting to parallel park. The Radiator Springs townsfolk will be there cheering on Lizzie with a surprise. What will happen next? We'll have to wait until Friday, January 22 to find out! See it exclusively on Disney+ coming soon.

Special thanks to @TheCarsShifter for making some of the graphics in this video.

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