TRAWLER LIFE: Docking, Engine Room, Cleaning tip #85

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Join us this week on Aboard Mermaid Monster as we continue our trek north to Maine. This year has certainly been unexpected and trying… as it has for many. We are very grateful to be living aboard our Nordhavn 55 trawler during this time, even if it presents many challenges. This episode we share a cleaning trick that helps remove the “mustache” that develops on the hull from brackish water. We also share engine room check tips and you get to watch us dock the boat as well. We truly can’t believe we are on week 85 of episodes. Wow, time just flies. Thank you for supporting and following along. We are so grateful to the many viewers that have donated positive comments and also supported through patreon. Every little bit helps. Thank you thank you!

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1-Run Dry River
2-The Streets
3-I have a plan Mr. Norton
4-Give Me
5-Play me like a video game

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A big thanks to Vineyard Vines for supplying most of our wardrobe in this episode. Vineyard Vines is an awesome brand that caters to a life of adventure, especially the salty lifestyle. We wouldn't stand behind anything that we didn't absolutely love! Head to their website to shop their latest collection.

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