The BEST RC Cars under $99 of ALL Time! (So far haha)

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Cheap RC Cars don't all have to be JUNK! Heres may Top 10 RC Cars under $99!
All cars are under or have been under $99 (Check the links below, check Ebay )

HS 18311 (Brushed)

SG 1604 / SG 1603

HBX 16889 (Brushless)

HBX12815 (Brushed)

Feiyue FY03H (Brushed) (My mistake in this as I had the more expensive but both still good)

Xinlehong Q901 (Brushless)

Remo Hobby SMAX (Brushed)

WLtoys K989 (Brushed)

WLtoys 144001:

WLtoys A959-B (Big Brushed)

WLtoys A959 (Small Brushed)

Banggood Specials:

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