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Before yall spam the comments again, hlaxx wasnt in the last two vids because he couldnt make it to shoot and yes, we shoot two vids a day so dont kill us!
Look at us, back again after a week of posting, just comes to showthat we're actually serious about uploading every week this year, BE PROUD!!
So we've partnered with Mzi, a former SANDF physical trainer to test if we're actually fit enough for this typa stuff and basically yeah well, you'll just decide if we are lmaoo
next weeks video is definitely a banger so if you dont hve your post notifications on, do be sure to switch them on right now!!
If you're reading this, comment down "Is that Nasty C at the garage?!" to confuse the non-description readers
really dont have much to say today except ENJOY THE VID!

Be sure to hit up Mzi if you're in need of a trainer
Mzi Mnyazi | Give Gas


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