Sim3D Rumble Motor Kit Review for Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedals

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Today I'm reviewing the Sim3D Rumble Motor Kit for the Fanatec CSL Elite Load Cell Pedals.

PLEASE NOTE that I was sent my pedals back with these mounts already attached to the pedals - I did not install them myself so cannot give feedback on that aspect of the product.

Sim3D create 3D-printed sim racing hardware, ranging from Magnetic Shifter Mods to Wind Sim Kits. Calvin, the guy behind it all, was looking for the dimensions to get these made up for the Fanatec CSL Elite LCs and I just happened to have some. In return I got the very first set in the UK with these rumble motors attached.

They practically give your Force Feedback via the pedal, which helps give a fair warning of when the car is close to locking up and when the rear is breaking away or losing traction - all of which can be tuned in great detail using Sim Hub.

Check out the Sim3D website;

...or the Product itself;

Download Sim Hub here (it's worth paying a few dollars to get the licensed version);

You might need to install these drivers for the Arduinos;

Here's a guide to Sim Hub settings as well;
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