Semi Truck Hit Bridge Damages Trailer + CSX Engine 7000

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CSX Engine 7000 + Semi Truck Hit Bridge Damages Trailer. CSXT 7000 is a newly rebuilt CM44AC unit.
0:00 Intro.
0:43 You are driving Brigham Road toward the CSX tracks as you first pass under the Norfolk Southern tracks then drive to the CSX overpass were we see the stopped tractor and semi-trailer with part of its front roof torn back as a result of the semi-trailer hitting the bridge. Luckily the trailer did not get stuck under the CSX railroad bridge. As a result the driver was able to back the tractor and semi-trailer from under the bridge.
2:49 You are at the west end of the elevated tracks along West Third Street. You have your scanner on and we hear part of a conversation between the Dispatcher and a track inspector instructing the track inspector to inspect the tracks on the bridge over Brigham Road.
3:06 You are at the Mile Post #41 curve as the Dunkirk Local comes along heading east to the CSX Yard in Erie, Pennsylvania. The train is moving slowly because it is approaching the bridge over Brigham Road which was recently hit by the semi-trailer that we saw at the beginning of this video.
5:54 You are at the west end of the elevated tracks along West Third Street as CSX train #Q158 with CSX engine #7000 moves slowly because it is going over the Brigham Road bridge.
9:29 You are at the parking lot on the southeast corner of Park Avenue and East Third Street watching CSX train #Q364 a mixed freight passing.
16:09 We hear the CSX track inspector report to the CSX dispatcher that there is no track damage on the bridge over Brigham Road The dispatcher replies that he will take the speed restriction off the bridge and let the trains go back to track speed.
16:38 You are at the Middle Road crossing on the east side of Dunkirk, New York as CSX train #Q009 passes.
19:16 You are at the CSX tracks at the Temple Road crossing on the west side of Dunkirk, New York as CSX train #Q008 passes/ This location is also known as CSX Control Point #42. After CSX train #Q008 passes, we hear the CSX defect detector at Mile Post # report that there are no defects on the train on track #2.
This was a very interesting video that started with the semi-trailer hitting the east side of the bridge at Brigham Road and the effect that this incident had on a number of trains that passed over the bridge before the track inspector reported that there was no damage to the tracks on the bridge.

5 Trains in all in this action packed train video filmed in and around Dun Kirk NY the week of 2/8/21

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