r/Entitledparents "YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT MY RACE!"

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r/Entitledparents "YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT MY RACE!"

Welcome to another episode of r/entitledparents stories.

These r/entitled parents stories from Reddit are among the top posts of all time and include some of the funniest Reddit stories ever posted on the entitled parents subreddit! rSlash EntitledParents stories have all kinds of funny entitled parents in them, but especially the Karen.

Listening to r/mrreddit entitled parents playlist is a great experience! These EntitledParents Top Posts of All Time from Reddit are made for you to enjoy any time you feel like it, so be sure to save my rSlash entitledparents playlist to your favorites!

While there are many rslash channels that read r/entitled parents stories and r/prorevenge from reddit, each channel has their own way of performing them.

Some of the top rSlash entitled parents channels I recommend checking out are the original rSlash, Redditor, fresh, r/Bumfries, VoiceyHere, Storytime and Darkfluff. These Reddit story channels inspired me to start my own Reddit story channel, with a focus on Entitled Parents stories and at times going into the r/prorevenge subreddit as well.

Because most of my audience prefers Entitled Parents stories of Reddit, I tend to just stick with reading the r/EntitleParents Top Posts of All Time.

Subscribe to Mr Reddit for daily Reddit stories. I post comedy readings of Reddit posts and Reddit stories every single day! I’m greatly inspired by the top reddit posts of all time videos and reddit stories on YouTube which is why I started doing them myself.

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Entitled Parents Top Posts of All Time:

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