Old School Slots Presents $20 Triple Sapphires Double????Deluxe & Haywire $10 Triple Diamond 5X 10X

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Today started out with a bit of free play at Chainsaws & Toasters, and then moved on to play some Double Diamond Deluxe with $20 spins and then a little tag team between $15 Triple Sapphires and then over to Bonus Frenzy Palyboy. $20 spins at Haywire came next along with some $10 spins at Triple Diamond and 3X4X5X Double Diamond. More $10 spins at Five Times Ten Times W/Quick Hits and then some $20 spins at Triple Sapphires closed out the day but not before a little Bucks & Banter at 3X 10X Pay! As always I hope you enjoy this video, Cheers!
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