"My Wife Contradicts Everything I Say" | Paul Friedman

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There's so many jokes about that but this isn't really funny when you're living in that realm because it's not an uncommon thing but you got to understand why that's happening. It means that your wife is insecure. You're not creating her insecurity but she is insecure and she wants to be sure that she's being hurt. Now that's something that you can do something about. Rule number one though, never confront your wife, never bring up this issue. Don't say even in a nice way, I'm not a western psychologist so please don't follow western psychology with this because they'll give you the biggest bag of bull you've ever seen. They'll talk about the right way to present a problem. There is no right way to present a problem. You don't present problems. You present solutions but not directly because what's really happening is your marriage as a whole should have the dynamics of love and happiness that are running everything and these things that occur are manifestations of that. If she is contradicting everything that you say there's something wrong with the dynamics overall in your marriage and that is something you could do not just something about but a lot about because a marriage is supposed to be – now hear this. Your marriage is supposed to be producing extraordinary levels of happiness and ever-expanding love. It's supposed to, that's why you got married, isn't it, and you should be expecting that.


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