Motorola Moto G30 Review | Seriously great budget phone under £200

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Reviewing the Motorola Moto G30, a £159 budget smartphone hitting the UK in early 2021. With a dependable camera, plus smooth gaming performance, strong battery life and stock Android 11, the Moto G30 is one of the best budget smartphones under £200. In the UK it has strong rivalry from the Nokia , Xiaomi's Redmi phones and those Poco handsets, of course. But this Motorola blower is still one of my favourites launched this year.

While the Moto G10 will cost you less, the Moto G30 offers several improvements and upgrades. You get a 64MP primary camera, with Motorola's AI smarts on board. There's a 90Hz IPS display (although sadly it's still just a 720p panel). Plus you get an upgraded Snapdragon chipset, for speedier performance. Those Moto Actions add lots of bonus bits including a proper gaming feature, and the usual gesture controls.

Overall, I was impressed with the Motorola G30. This is one of my favourite budget phones of 2021 so far, despite that low-res screen, helped along by the stock Android 11 vibes.

Moto G30 Review Chapters:
- The part where 20% of you immediately bugger off
1:05 - Design
2:05 - Android and bonus features
3:55 - Display, media & audio
5:10 - Performance and gaming
6:11 - Battery life
6:47 - Camera tests
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