MOTOR DRIVEN REVIEW: Marius Roberts samples the Aston Martin Vantage

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Having driven the DB11 and the DBS awhile back, the one Aston that kept eluding me and one I was really intrigued to drive was the Vantage.
As the entry into the new look / new tech Aston Martin garage, there is a lot riding on its shoulders - can Aston Martin finally offer consumers a genuine alternative to the 911?
Usually when I test cars like this, I give it a full shakedown to asses all of its personality types BUT with this being a brand new car on the Daytona showroom floor, I sadly wasn't allowed to test its performance
Fortunately, having spent quality time with both the DB11 AMR and the DBS Volante in the UK and having chatted with Matt Becker, I was left super impressed with just how nimble the bigger brothers were and more importantly, how versatile and usable. So I can only just imagine how impressive the Vantage is going to be when pushed deep into its performance window.
But having said that, driving it around town as I did in this review is actually a very accurate reflection of the end user experience as this is where its going to 'perform' in the hands of the majority of its

But it certainly does attract

It was during this review that I was pulled over by one of our Metro Cops - a video that has certainly done the rounds on social media!
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