Manual Engine Controls Part 1 | Setting Up Controls RB/SB War Thunder

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MEC or manual engine controls is something you might want to look into once you got used to the game. It isn't a mandatory thing but it can increase your quality of life.

AdamTheEnginerd's video:
Normal controls: WIP
Supercharger Spreadsheet:
Aim Guide:
Energy Guide:
Guide Playlist:

Outro: - Vanish

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0:00 - Intro
0:12 - Introduction
1:30 - Finding The Controls
2:35 - Turning MEC on
2:45 - Mixture controls (and relative controls explained)
4:40 - Propeller Pitch
5:53 - German Propeller pitch (big exception)
7:07 - Radiators (oil and normal)
9:47 - Turbocharger (just forget about it)
9:57 - Supercharger (crucial, check link in description for altitudes)
10:35 - Prop feathering
12:15 - separate engine controls (multi engine planes)
13:35 - Wrap up + ending
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