Kitten hides in an engine to find warmth on a cold winter night.

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When my phone rings and it's Barbara Vasilaros on the other side, I know I have something challenging coming my way :-)

This rescue took place on the first winter night we had here in Los Angeles and it was pretty cold. It took us a while to figure it out, but luckily, Professor was talking back to the kittens on the YouTube video I was playing on my phone.

If you would like to adopt this cute little kitten, please contact our friends at Guardian Angel Pet Rescue:

The dog in the video is Loreto. He was rescued by our main surgeon, Dr. Antonio Pedraza. Loreto had two broken legs, and they are now both fixed! I will post before and after pictures on our FB and IG.

If you would like to adopt Loreto (not to be confused with our Loreta), please fill an adoption application on our website:

Thank you so much!


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