How To Avoid Diesel Marine Engine Over Heating Failures with Raw Water and EGT Sensors (TechTalk #3)

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Today we’re talking about how to avoid diesel marine engine overheating failures with a Maretron raw water exhaust temperature gauges and (EGT) exhaust temperature sensors, gauges and alarms These are some of the most critical monitoring systems on diesel engines and are often completely missing from most Diesel Marine engines.

I’ve worked on gas engines all of my grown life starting with a chevy 396 325hp big block in my first car, a 1967 SS Camaro. So when we bought our first boat that had twin Volvo TAMD63 diesels, I had no idea that I had no idea of the differences between the two types of engines. Two boats later we now have Volvo D6 370hp diesels and a lot of lessons learned. One of the most significant and potentially costly differences I learned about was the tolerance or lack of tolerance for overheating. For the most part gas engines can overheat and survive. Generally the worst case scenario is a blown head gasket but often, it’s an inconvenience that simply flags a bad thermostat or overdue maintenance.

Not so with a Diesel. One over heating incident can cost you an entire engine that costs easily 10X what a gas engine replacement would be. In a boat, the list of items that can cause an over heating incident can range from things in your control, like closed sea cocks to delayed maintenance but, it can also be from things completely out of your control like a plastic bag being sucked up on your raw water intake. Now one might say I have a coolant temp sensor with an alarm so I’m good! The problem is, by the time your coolant is over temp your engine is over temp and damage has occurred.

To solve this problem there is a pretty straight forward solution, simple sensors, gauges and alarms on your exhaust sprayers. These will show a temp rise often less than a minute after the condition starts and alerts you minutes before your engine can be damaged by overheating.

Ours is post Turbo due to Volvo’s spec
Not the best pre turbo tends to be more accurate by 150-200 degrees showing more accurate cylinder temps. Cummins does that.
Out of spec can show high load conditions like seas and weather but also over propped conditions.
I really like that with twin engines I can start hunting for problems in an engine before they become failures.

Analogue Sensors and Gauges:
Maretron Temperature Sensor
Bosch Temperature Gauge
Exhaust Gas Temperature K-Type Sensor and Gauge Kit

NEMA 2000 Gauge Modules and Sensors:
Maretron DSM410 display and alarm
Maretron TMP100 temperature NEMA2000 module
Maretron Internet Gateway
Maretron Temperature Sensor
EGT K-Type probe
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