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My Top 5
1. Reverie by GaidenHertuny (6573 attempts 10/20/20)
2. Acu by Neigefeu (24,632 attempts 6/30/2020)
3. Thanatophobia by Artumanka (2,209 attempts 11/28/20)
4. Incipient by Jenkins (5,937 attempts 1/16/2020)
5. Shitty Idols by Zurteh (1938 attempts 10/29/20)

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Birthday: 09/25/2004
Started Playing GD: 01/25/16 (Technically for one day in lol)
How to get mod: You have to be trusted by me
How old are you: 16
Do you have irls that play gd? yes
Do you watch anime? yes
Do you have a girlfriend? I am no longer a part of the loner gang :D
Are there any more questions? No
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