【FEH】Legendary Corrin One Turn Auto-Battle ABYSSAL Clear

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Here is a one turn auto battle on Abyssal mode as always and this month its Corrin :)

►I will go over the team and skill details :

►Brave Ike : That Sapphire lance unit is really annoying and no one else in the team can take him on. I already have Galeforce inherited on him as I use him on my AR defense and a simple Brave Axe build did the job. Odd Atk Wave is needed to buff both B!Ike and Alm so that he reaches maximum attack to proc Ephraim's Infantry Rush.

►Ninian : Standard Infantry Pulse dancer and chill attack is just there to reduce Corrin's attack so that Alm can safely proc Ephraim's Infantry Rush.

►Alm : The MVP of this team. I used him in my Mila one turn and he is back to slay another dragon. Infantry Pulse needed to pulse Ephraim so he can have Galeforce at 2 cooldown. With all buffs considered, he reaches 69 attack ;D (which is 1 atk point higher than Corrin in enemy phase lol)

►Duo Ephraim : Standard Galeforce unit. Axe cav has Guard so I needed to run a full IP team to pulse his Galeforce as much as possible to proc it in one combat.

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