Fate Intervenes: Engine Update

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The wind and the tide can make a boat ride a pleasure or a nightmare. The trick is to let them help you when favorable and resist going against those forces when they get in the way of your plans. While sitting and lamenting having to take a new engine out and back to the builder, it struck me that I was perhaps fighting a force. Fate? Karma? God? Dumb luck? SOMETHING told me that this was a sign that both motors were ready to be replaced. Even though the port motor is still running and loyally got me here, it feels like it's time to go out to pasture. It'll never be easier to get this unpleasant job done. So, I'm rolling up my sleeves and walking away from the computer for a minute. I made this update so you wouldn't worry about me.
Shout out to Mark at Bullfrog Creek Marine. I am very lucky to call this honest, hard working, inspiring person a friend. I couldn't recommend another boat mechanic more.
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