EMERGENCY - Landing Gear Stuck/Engine Issues - Bowerspony Flt015 Wasabi Flight Test

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All we needed was a quick flight to pin down an oil leak. The flight was about diagnosing the leak that has been plaguing the program for many months. The guys added fluorescent dye to the crankcase oil so that after an engine run it would be distinguishable from the PSRU oil. Eric had run the airplane on the ground a lot but the leak appeared to be fixed.

Warning!! This is a long video, below is an outline with timestamps if you want to jump to a specific part of the flight.

Thank you for coming along with Wasabi on this day of testing. We hope that there are lessons learned on this flight that can be applied to your aircraft projects. Let us know what you think of the new format or anything really. Thank you!

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Method Seven Eyewear:
Butler Parachute:

Video Summary:
00:00 Introduction
01:30 Engine Start/Taxi
03:50 Preflight Maintenance Briefing(Rod Bower and Eric Ritter)
06:37 Preflight Briefing (Elliot Seguin and Justin Gillen)
11:10 Engine Run-up & Take-Off
15:03 Hydraulic Briefing
16:42 Clean and dry call
18:20 Pitch Bunt Explanation
20:57 Engine Roughness
21:32 Gear Extension
22:12 Landing
23:02 Engine Shutdown
23:30 Post Flight Debrief
25:22 Detailed Debrief
33:06 Airplane Push In

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Drag Charts (simulated emergency landings)

Flt 015 Flight Summary
Engine Start: 12:03
Engine Shutdown: 12:44
Flt Time: HRS
Landings: 1
Fuel Used: UNK (totalizer failed)
Total Time After Flight: Hrs
Start CG:

Planned to be a short leak check flight (with neon oil tracer in engine oil). The hydraulic anomaly on initial gear retraction cut the flight even shorter than planned. On landing the oil leak of concern was found, traced to an oil pan leak.

Power Settings
Take Off 42" 4200
Climb 30" 3500
Cruise 25" 3000

VL - 130 MIAS
VF - 150 MIAS

Maintenance Before Flight
- Play in the stick was addressed, bolts found loose ( turns) in roll and pitch axis at the base of the stick.
- The hydraulic system was checked and adjusted.
- P1 actuators were rebuilt due to failure (overpressure) on the previous flight.
- Hyd system pressure was adjusted down from 1300PSI to 1050PSI
- The gear was cycled on the ground to check for leaks and functionality.
- Refilled the reservoir.
- Engine oil leak was addressed, traced to a 90° elbow fitting that drains the dry sump oil pan. The fitting was replaced and the engine was extensively ground run to check for leaks.
- Analog tachometer (intermittent) wiring harness was checked but nothing was found, the problem is believed to be in the gauge.
- Fuel flow sender (not indicating) was sent to the manufacturer and passed their checks. The problem is believed to be in the engine management system and or wiring harness.
- PSRU pressure regulator was adjusted down to 100 PSI. This system feeds the propeller governor.

Squawks after the flight:
- 2 cylinders fell off (EGT) on the descent, backfiring. The mixture was full for the entire flight, this is likely the problem (hot summer day). The boost pump was off.
- Fuel flow not working
- Analog Tach Indicates 50% of the digital tach
- Pitch bellcrank behind rear seat center bearing loose.
- Gear would not retract initially at 130 MIAS, likely due to low pressure. system pressure 650 PSI for up and 1050 when gear selected down. With time and a low G bunt, the gear finally retracted (confirmed by airborne chase). Gear extended normally.
- Engine oil on belly after shutdown
- Hydraulic oil on the right gear after shutdown.

Next flight:
The first priority is to confirm the gear is functioning again (pressure is high enough to actuate with air loads, but not so high seals are failing). Once the engine is confirmed stable again we need to work on extending the CG range.
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