Drag Race Season 13 | CAST Rumours!

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AS5 Winner Ruvealed:


- How do we know S13 is filming now?
We’ve had confirmation from several reliable sources, as well as numerous sources. And give or take a dozen drag queens don’t usually go missing without reason

- How come they’re allowed to film now?
Though restrictions are tightening again in California, filming is still technically allowed if all other measures are in place. The queens were quarantined for a week prior to the start of filming, so now they act as one big ‘household’. And presumably there either won’t be guest judges or they will be socially distanced the entire time on set.


- Omyra Lynn (Philadelphia, PA): Posted on facebook.
- Eva Young (Chicago, IL): Has liked photos on Instagram since the other girls left and is active on Facebook Messenger.
-Dia Elektra (Grand Rapids, MI): Has been liking photos on Instagram.
-Lady Red Couture (West Hollywood, CA): Sadly her inactivity was due to a health issue.

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