Carbon buildup Destroyed My GDI Direct injection engine?

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I can't believe what carbon deposits did to my direct injection engine GDI. The catalytic converter can be damaged from carbon chunks braking free also the this could bend a intake valve or exhaust valve. Is intake valve cleaners safe to use for turbo charged engine? lets not forget can carbon buildup scratch the cylinder walls? The intake valve cleaners can cause engine oil dilution just as GDI causes oil dilution. Try Liqui moly valve clean it actually works. You could also use seafoam spray or crc intake valve and turbo cleaner. watch my videos to find out what the best intake valve cleaner is.

PROOF Amsoil power foam works? you will see everything you need about Amsoil power foam vs seafoam or Amsoil power foam vs the worst carbon buildup you have ever seen on intake valves. check out our other videos Today on Nates interactive auto NIA to see how to use amsoil power foam or the best intake valve cleaner. I will also show the best carbon buildup cleaner by comparison of Liqui moly valve clean or Lucas deep clean GDI. Also we review best fuel system cleaners like redline complete fuel system cleaner.

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