Bridgebort Milling Machine [Rescue]

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It is time to bring my 1960s Bridgeport milling machine back to life! This is a 100% genuine clapped-out mill that I picked up about a year ago. I always hated the horrible white paint job someone did on this machine, so that needs to be fixed. There are also several worn, missing, or completely broken parts that all need attention. This isn't a full restoration, but more of a "rescue".

I first needed to remove all paint and body filler, which there was a lot of! Then I needed to install a new quill spring and make new cam ring pins, a new quill lock handle, and install new measuring indicators. Someone converted this mill to use grease instead of oil, which is blasphemous, so all oil lines needed to be fully replaced with ACTUAL oil in them.

I decided to not paint the mill at all and leave it completely bare metal. This matches the look of the tools in the rest of my shop and makes it easy for me to add paint later if I feel like it.

I took everything related to the axes apart, but I did not disassemble the head, as I wasn't planning on replacing any worn parts in it.

Overall, the mill is in an average condition and I think some bronze wear components will need to be replaced within the next 5-10 years depending on my usage.

I am not a machinist aiming for high levels of accuracy, so as long as the tool can get the job done, I am happy for now.

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