Bloons TD 6 Race Tutorial "Race This" in 3:31

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Huge thanks to Rajec for the amazing strategy!

You can probably push this a bit more with better send timings. Make sure
the Boomers are always attacking, while not getting overwhelmed. Easier said then
For better cleanup you might have to sell some stuff.

Written Guide:
100 Boomer (last), r5
r7 at 20s
200 Boomer, r10
210 Boomer, r13 at $200
220 Boomer
r15 at 55s, new Boomer (last)
r17 after 200
Buy 220, r19 once r21 once r15 pinks are cleared
New 220 Boomer (last), r24
100 Boomer (strong), r27, to 202, r28
002 Boomer (strong), r30, to 202, r33
002 into 202 Ninja, r35
Another 220 Boomer, r37
r39 after 2nd wave of pinks
Sell Ninja near the end for better cleanup.

Improvement ideas:
Use more 202 Boomers. I think they are very slightly better. 220 is still better to start
but after the 3rd or 2nd you might wanna switch. Use the better spots with last targeting.


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Endscreen Song:
Janji - Together (Feat. Vivien) [NCS Release]
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