Biased BBC is a Propaganda Machine for Intellectual Elite's Liberal-Left World View

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On this week's #NCFNewspeak, former BBC journalist Robin Aitken (author of "Can We Trust The BBC?" and "Noble Liar: Why & How The BBC Distorts The News To Promote A Liberal Agenda") returns to the New Culture Forum to argue that #BBCBias now colours all of its news output, firmly placing the once impartial institution firmly on the political spectrum. Explaining how we arrived at this situation, Robin argues it is time to cut the BBC down to size and tackle its institutional bias, withdrawing the licence fee if need be.

To quote:

"So the question arises: how did the BBC mislay its duty of impartiality on the most important political issue of a generation?

"I think I have an explanation; when I was a Radio News reporter in the mid 1980s BBC News had what amounted almost to a ‘cult’ of impartiality. In those days ‘news’ saw itself as separate from ‘Current Affairs’; - ‘current affairs’ meaning , essentially, news talk-shows like Today and Newsnight.

"To reporters of my vintage ‘news’ was something strictly defined; when my colleagues and I wrote a bulletin piece it was all fact, no comment – even adjectives were suspect; it was very much a question of reporting ‘ who? What? Where? When?’ - we left the task of explaining the ‘why’ to the current affairs people.

"This probably made for rather dull news bulletins; none of the sexy speculative stuff was included in our pieces. However they were factual and reliable. But change was in the air and in the mid 1990s , John Birt merged News with Current Affairs into one huge department . And that’s where the rot set-in because a crucial, though subtle, distinction had been lost.

"Before we knew it the age of the BBC in-house pundit had arrived. BBC News bulletins today have become part-news, part-comment and ‘impartial commentary’ is almost a contradiction in terms : a comment always expresses an opinion

"This would not matter much if there was an equal balance of opinions within the Corporation; if there was one Eurosceptic BBC reporter for every pro-European; but alas it is not so. Though the BBC preaches endlessly about ‘diversity’ it interprets the word in a very narrow way; it’s all about skin-colour and sexual orientation – it ignores political

"I can list some of those areas where the BBC follows an explicit agenda; the promotion of multiculturalism – which is central to its core belief ; as is feminism which it treats as an unquestionable good; Climate change, in which the Corporation devoutly believes; Secularism – the BBC considers all religion to be superstition and seems to have a particular animus against Christianity; socialism and the public sector- the BBC generally starts from the position ‘public – good; private – bad’ ; And Donald Trump – against whom the BBC mounted a four-year long campaign of smears and detractions.

"The question is what is to be done? The BBC’s new Director-General has spoken of ‘reform’ and it is easy to see why; the BBC has few friends in the government and some powerful enemies. There is a growing appetite for the Corporation to be cut down to size.

"...the BBC proclaims its impartiality and because it is a big and powerful broadcaster which has dominated the media in this country for nearly 100 years people have been indoctrinated with that idea. But – as Brexit so clearly shows – the BBC has its own view which often differs from that of the majority of citizens.

"I said at the outset that the ideal of an impartial national broadcaster is a fine thing. But what we have is a national broadcaster that is funded through taxation, as though it were truly impartial and unbiased. But it isn’t. What is more this false concept of ‘impartiality’ has become obligatory on all the other broadcasters…. Which are all now pale imitations of the BBC. Channel 4 News and Sky, for instance, were both anti-Brexit in tone and coverage.

"It’s time the scales fell from our eyes. We should see the BBC for what it really is: a subtle propaganda machine for a particular view of the world. We should demand that the BBC lives up to its promises – and if it can’t then it should lose the license fee privilege. The BBC’s version of impartiality is a con perpetrated by an arrogant intellectual liberal-left elite. It’s time for change."

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