Best Freestyle Motor ?!? T-Motor Pacer Review

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Here is a flight and Review for the T-motor Pacer 2306 2400vk personally i think they are awesome and i cant recommend them enough they have been thro some hard crashes and they still fly like new :)

The Drone Specs

Frame Marmotte DJI Edition

FC T-Motor f4 Flight Controller

ESC's T-Motor F55A PROⅡ 6S 4IN1 32bit

Motors T-motor Pacer 2306 2400kv


Cam DJI Caddex

goggles DJI

radio TBS Tango 2 Pro

Receiver Crossfire nano SE

Props Dal 5047

Battery Ovonic FPV 4S 1550MAH 100c

Action Cam GoPro Hero 8

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