Assassin's Creed Valhalla - We Have Cracked the Isu Language at E3 2021! Muspelheim CONFIRMED!

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We did it! We finally cracked the Isu language shown during the Assassin's Creed presentation at Ubisoft Forward 2021, and we are going to show you how we did it!

In the video we are also going to prove how Muspelheim is now pretty much officially confirmed as the setting for at least one of the upcoming expansions for Year 2 of Valhalla and we’re also going to briefly discuss the potential repercussions of that on the First Civilization story!


Muspelheim rune / Visual Representation via:

Muspelheim graphics on God of War 2018 via the God of War Wiki:

u/AugustoRudzinski’s Reddit thread about user MrJakovG’s work on the spectrogram analysis of the Isu-based final audio of the presentation:

Background Music: "Ancient Whispers I" () by P C III () is licensed under CC BY []


00:00 Intro
01:15 Translation of the Sentences from the Spectrogram
09:16 Translation of the Isu Language on the Stone / Gate
10:29 Interpretation and Lore Analysis
12:56 Muspelheim "Confirmed" as a Future Setting
13:41 Repercussions on the Isu Lore
14:22 Outro


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