6.1L Dodge SRT8 HEMI Engine Teardown #2! Another Surprise!

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If you haven't seen my other teardown videos, go here

In this video I teardown another Dodge Hemi Engine. This is from a 2008-2010 Challenger SRT8 with a manual. This teardown was rather surprising, the very first time I've seen this issue on one of these engines.

I own and run a full service salvage facility in the Saint Louis area. Part of our model includes buying, tearing down and selling parts from core or bad engines. We focus on LS and at the moment because its the market we know, but that doesn't mean other engines don't have issues.

I typically don't use engine stands because of the time it takes to set them up, their lack of access to the back of the block, and I have forklifts and heavy equipment here to move them as I need to. I've done it this way for many years and several hundred engines.

My goal is to be able to film one of these teardowns a week!

I hope you enjoyed watching this video, and if you'd like to buy parts from this engine, or anything LS related, feel free to email us at

Thanks for watching!
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