24 Marble Race Battle : Trap Battle PART 1 (by Algodoo)

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This video is created by a program called Algodoo.

Watch out!!! This stage may crush your marble.
Who will be the winner in this battle?
Hit the white spot, Charge up the power, Beat the opponent!!!

Intro: Brickwerk by Josh Kirsch_Media Right Productions
Round 1: Dark Step by Silent Partner
Round 2: Hit The Ground Running by Gunnar Olsen
Round 3: Trancer by Gunnar Olsen
Round 4: Scanline by Mike Relm
Round 5: Grasshopper by Quincas Moreira
Round 6: Cold Rise by Gunnar Olsen
Round 7: Blunt - Andrew Huang
Round 8: Break You In by Vibe Tracks

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